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I Don't Have Time - Garyvee

I’m currently in the air flying from Sydney to Brisbane (thanks to no internet in the sky, I forgot to send this, so to be honest I’m not in my apartment). I always take this time to immerse myself uninterrupted in writing my thoughts, reading or listening to audiobooks.

Currently I am listening to Ask Gary Vee, I also have the hardcover version but I’ve been too time poor of late to get stuck into it. One of my Snapchat friends Justin Wu (Hackerpreneur) recently recommended the audio book version as it has 10hrs of content, far more dialogue than could have been crammed into the print version. Right from the start Gary doesn’t disappoint and starts spitting fire.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the man in person at a sales and marketing event in Sydney, he has this energy and charisma that just grabs you. For a devout follower like myself, who consumes everything he puts out daily on multiple platforms, I’d heard almost everything he had to say. Now you might be thinking, wow what a waste of money and time, if you’ve already consumed the information for free, this definitely wasn’t the case!

I was glued beginning to end, sure there was definitely an element of “fan boy” syndrome, I mean I’ve followed the guy for years and watched hundreds of hours of his content but it was more than that. He’s so passionate about everything he’s involved in and so aware of the market and his audience, I don’t think you could sit through a speech from him and not walk away inspired, motivated and maybe even a little guilty for using the term’s “grind” and “hustle” to describe your work ethic.

Listening to the book has given a lot more insight into things that I feel are glazed over in a lot of the social media content he puts out, that is his views on family time. About 3hrs into the book he talks about other men giving themselves a pat on the back for being home at 5 o’clock to spend time with the kids, comparable to Gary working 5am – 10pm Monday to Friday. The truth bomb he throws though is that those guys typically spend a couple hours on the couch watching TV, checking their social networks or playing Xbox though, around their kids but not actively engaging as a parent or adding value to their lives.

Think back to your childhood, which memories come to mind first, the times your mother and father were working and not around or the times they stopped everything else in their lives and made you the centre of their universe? It’s totally possible to balance, or as I prefer to say “blend”, personal and professional life. Just be sure that you schedule time to let your family know that they are still a priority for you, after all your professional ambitions are more than likely fuelled by your desire to give your family the best in life!

I personally have limited time with my daughter due to separation from her mother, travel and work commitments. The two I and a half days a fortnight we do have together I am one hundred percent focused on delivering as much fatherly value to her as is humanly possible. The phone get’s left at home or in my pocket and it’s just daddy daughter time, with the occasional Snapchat or IG post to show off my most greatest accomplishment to date, my baby.

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