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Ok so first I need to point out that this is my first Medium post, actually it’s my first time writing anything on the web other than a search, review or reply. I apologise in advance for a lack of finesse in the literary art of storytelling.

I decided to post this after giving my opinions to blog writers I follow on social platforms such as Snapchat and seeing that some of my thoughts were written verbatim. It got me thinking “maybe I should start sharing my views with the world directly.”

Yesterday morning I woke and as per my daily, less than productive ritual, I opened my phone to play through the Snapstories of all the US peeps I follow. The first story informed me that Facebook had blatantly ripped of Snapchat features and implanted them into Instagram.

I quickly ran my updates and opened Insta to find that I had access to the new feature and started playing around with the features to find that, yes in fact this was almost a direct clone – minus the useless dog faces.

Now I was one of the early stage motivational accounts on IG @richbenny before it became the overwhelming theme of the platform. I helped form one of the first groups that worked together to help each other grow. I went from 50 followers to 31,000 in about 7 weeks with no paid bots or follows, just by growth hacking the system. I might create another post to explain that, although if you do a quick search you can find a lot of details around that already, all of which is void after the algorithm became active earlier this year.

I wasn’t sure that using these new story features would have a lot of engagement given that my account has been dormant for so long. I was wrong. On Snap I was seeing around 200–400 views per story. My stories on Instagram yesterday attracted 2500+ with almost no drop off. It’s safe to say that I will be focussing more of my attention on IG in the coming months, whilst still actively watching how the 2 giants morph in an attempt to gain dominance.


Well to be honest I don’t see many, I don’t care about face filters, but I guess for a few millennials this could be a deciding factor…?

The only glaringly obvious one that I see at the moment is the inability to curate your following, and considering the average Snap user follows under 100 people and the average IG user follows 500+ this becomes a big problem.

Just because you’re happy to see stunning visuals of art accounts doesn’t mean you’re interested in see that persons personal life and journey in your story feed.

This issue is compounded when you find out that the accounts showing luxury cars, houses, jewellery are generally operated by kids aged 13–22 who have lifestyles that really have no relevance to the image they portrait.


The biggest for me is an already established audience, with that comes discoverability. Facebook already has over 1/2 the planet viewing it in some form, why wouldn’t you want to tap into that!?

Coincidently I was thinking of coming back to the platform and ways that I could navigate around the issue of growth caused by the algorithm update. I landed on the idea that I would post a motivational post and then rather than spend time writing a caption which often goes unread I would direct people to Snap to give a personal explanation of the meaning that quote and or picture has to me. Now I can execute this plan in the one platform and given yesterday’s results it seems like a strategy which is going to work very well for me.

I also love the better quality video, being able to network with people I have spoken to through DM’s in a more personal face to face capacity.

Oh and now I don’t have to choose between Pokemon Go and Snap when I have the dreaded 20% battery alert come up! 🙂

Personally I love the new feature and for now I will be using it as my primary posting platform and retain Snap as a viewing platform.

I hope you guys got something out of this and I’ll probably start posting more frequently.

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